About the Show

Thoughts on the Size of the Universe explores sexuality, culture, and our place in the cosmos through the eyes of two teenage girls on a roof. Honest and frank, its poetic dialogue is a raw expression of adolescence and humanity. The girls begin to see the galaxy from a wider perspective as they discover for themselves the beautiful balance between innocence and maturity, between identity and diversity, and between the now and the future.

About the Cast

Saphira Rosen (Anja) is from Germany, where she attends the Montessori-Zentrum Hofheim school. Currently she is an exchange student in Hawaii through the Step In Program and is a junior at St Andrew's School. Saphira has participated in her school's theatre program for the past four years. Her favorite role has been Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Her dream is to become a professional actress. 

Alexa Wäcker (Mia) is a junior at Kaiser High School. She has performed with Hawaii Education of the Arts for over eight years.  She was recently awarded 3rd place in the school division of the ESU Shakespeare Competition and is currently an officer of Kaiser’s Drama Club.  Alexa is extremely honored to be a part of this production!

About the Playwright/ Director

Maggie Munday Odom is a 15 year old playwright from Kailua, Hawaii. She is currently a sophomore at Le Jardin Academy. She has participated in productions with Hawaii Education of the Arts, Children's Theatre of Oahu, Kailua Onstage Arts, and LJA's theatre department. Her play Stings and Things was featured at the Women's Voices Playwriting Festival last year. She is currently serving as the president of the International Thespian Society troupe at her school. This is her first produced show. She would like to thank Robert St John and Stacy Ray for their mentorship.

About the Stage Manager

Alyse Glaser is a sophomore at Sacred Hearts Academy. This is her first experience with stage managing, but she has done performances and some backstage work at various theaters including Diamond Head Theatre, Paliku Theatre Windward, The Actors’ Group, Kailua Onstage Arts, the Performing Arts Center of Kapolei, Sacred Hearts Academy, and Saint Louis School. She is thrilled to be working with these amazing ladies.

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